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Mataram, the Soul of Lombok

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Kuta Indah Hotel 2 star(s)

Kuta Indah Hotel is located on the Sasak Village of the Kuta Southern coast Lombok. It is situated 60 km from Lombok Selaparang Airport, arround one and half hours by car.

Alternative you can take ferry from Bali Padang Bay Harbour to Lombok Lembar Harbour, then a pick up service can be arranged from the harbour with our combine spacious air conditioned car (price available on request).

Address : Kuta Beach Street Middle Lombok - NTB - INDONESIA
Phone : +62 370 653781/653782|+62 655222
Fax : +62 370 654628
: kutaindahlombok@ymail.com
Website : http://www.kutaindahhotel.com/