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Maumere, City to embark on your Flores adventure

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Sea World Club

Sea World Club is a beachfront Resort with Dive Centre in the Maumere Bay on the volcanic Flores Island and next to the most beautiful diving grounds... Read more >>

Address : Nai Roa KM 13, Waiara Flores P.O. Box 103 Maumere
Phone : +62 382 21570
Fax : +62 382 21102
: seaworldclub@gmx.net
Website : http://www.sea-world-club.com/

Sao Wisata Diving Resort

Sao Wisata or Flores Soa Resort and Diving Center is located on the beach of Waira, about 8 km form "Waioti" Airport and 10 km from Maumere City in... Read more >>

Address : Jalan Sawista - Waiara - Maumere Flores - Nusa Tenggara Timur
Phone : +62. 361. 46762
Fax : +62. 361. 46734
: info@saowisata.com
Website : http://www.saowisata.com/

Hotel Wailiti

Hotel Wailiti is located in the seaside on the suburb of Maumere - Flores Island, Indonesia. The rooms are housed in several cottages and small... Read more >>

Address : Jalan Don Slipi Da Silva Wailiti, Maumere, Flores, East Nusatenggara, Indonesia
Phone : +62 382 23416
Website : http://www.hotel-wailiti.com

Pelita Hotel

1 star(s)

Hotel Pelita is a small hotel in Maumere with nice and clean rooms. Although it is located on the seashore, it has limited access to the sea. The... Read more >>

Address : Jln. Jendral Sudirman 330, Maumere - Flores, Indonesia
Website : http://www.hotel-pelita.com/

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