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The Bung Karno Sports Complex : Jakarta’s Sports, Conventions and Entertainment Center

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Face Bar Jakarta

When we conceived and designed this venue, we looked at the (national) cultural context which we were in; therefore the design had to relate to Asian culture.

We were concerned to be sensitive to the tropical environment, by maximizing shadingand the use of thermal mass for cooling.

The activities within the various buildings would add further cultural layers as we linked to these potential references. Whether Thai, Indian, or restaurant or meeting place. We saw the whole complex as a “ Caravansary” ( as on the silk route ) a meeting place which is secure ( enclosing ) welcoming and multi cultural , using antiques and artifacts from the traders and trader cultures who visited this region. We stressed diversity and multiculturalism in a sensual, friendly environment where you can meet, eat, drink and talk, face to face in a calm secure atmosphere.

Address : #85, Kusuma Atmaja, Imam Bonjol, Jakarta Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 31925037
Fax : +62 21 3143501
: jakarta@facebars.com
Website : http://www.facebars.com/en/jakarta/restaurant/