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KARIMUNJAWA : Marine Adventure in the Java Sea

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Nirvana Laut Private Island Resort

The moment you set foot on Nirvana Laut Private Island Resort and survey the lush green rainforest overhanging the wide open beaches, you'll wonder why it took you so long to find this place. Nowhere else in Indonesia can you find such harmony with nature.

Unlike Bali and other destinations, Karimunjawa offers you the perfect mix of nature with luxury. Our staff here specialize in giving you that personal touch that other commercial resorts can not.

The virgin beaches along the 27 islands in the group are home to 64 different types of coral reef, 290 species of coral fish, 7 species of kima (giant clam), 3 species of turtles and other marine biota, including sponges, soft coral, and anemone. Making this one of Indonesia's most pristine diving destinations.

Nirwana is SAFE ! Here on Karimujawa we are Malaria and Denghy Fever free area. Our beaches are quiet waters and safe for young children and non swimmers. There is no crime on Karimunjawa !
Right down to the ice you drink and water we cook in, is all from safe bottled drinking water.

Address : Karimunjawa Islands, Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62 24 9131 5015
Fax : +62 24 6592853
: info@karimun-jawa.com
Website : http://www.karimun-jawa.com/index.htm