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WAKATOBI National Marine Park : the”Underwater Nirwana”

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Tomia Dive Center

Tomia Dive Center (TDC) is located in pulau Tomia (Tomia island). Right on spot for your ultimate diving experience. Established in 2007, TDC have experienced in guiding divers to witness that all we are saying regarding the underwater scenery are all true. We will escort you to some of the most breath-taking dive location and guide you through it, since our experienced divers have been exploring the water and all the possible dive spots for years. Equipped with current dive SAR technique and equipments, your safety along with your pleasure is our main concern.

Address : Tomia Islan, Wakatobi
Phone : +62816861954|+628582
Fax : -
: tomiadivecenter@gmail.com
Website : http://www.tomiadivecenter.com/