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WAKATOBI National Marine Park : the”Underwater Nirwana”

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Island Garden Resort

The Island Resort is located on the small island of Hoga in the middle of the 'Wakatobi Marine National Park', part of the 'Tukang Besi Islands' in South-East Sulawesi. The resort has 4 bungalows with 2 rooms each, a nice bungalow with bamboo chairs and tables, and a small bungalow directly at the sea.The rooms have large comfortable double beds with mosquito nets. From the balconies in front of the rooms, you have a wonderful view over the turquoise sea, the sandy beach, the palms and the large garden full of exotic flowers. From the beach, you can see the jungle-covered hills of the next island, the boat peoples' village, small fisherboats, and fishermen planting agar-agar under water. The 'Wakatobi Marine National Park' is ideal for snorkeling and diving.The island is surrounded by coral reef, plenty of fish can be seen.Please call us before to see if the two diving facilities are open. You can swim to the reef or we bring you there with our boat. The main bungalow can be lit up by solar energy in the evenings,the rooms have paraffin lights. Hoga Island is just 2 km long. There is no electricity and no road on the whole island. Boats are the only transport. There is a small fishing village at the northern spot, where you can ask the fishermen to pick fresh coconuts from the palm trees. On the south spot of the island there is a marine research centre, with a small kiosk.

A 20 minute boat trip gets you to the Island of 'Kaledupa', with a village and the chance of shopping. You can also rent our boat for longer trips if you like.

Address : Hoga Island. Wakatobi Marine Park. Southeast Sulawesi.
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Website : http://home.arcor.de/islandgarden/