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Makassar Conventions and Exhibitions in the Hub of Eastern Indonesia

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Caraka Travelindo

Introduction, ancient mariners migrated to the distant islands of Oceania from all over the globe by wind and wave and star, bringing with them their traditions and cultures, long before Columbus ever set sail. Indonesia's emerald archipelago offers a visual and cultural feast to the visitor. Extraordinary landscapes, from rugged mist-covered mountains to primal tropical jungles, verdant green rice terraces and mysterious lakes, dominate the interior. Along the coast dazzling coral reefs encircle dormant volcanoes that jut dramatically out of the sea. Stretches of white sandy beach fringed with coconut palm and scattered fishing villages are flanked by dramatic limestone headlands.

Every Caraka Travelindo program guarantees to provide inquisitive travellers with the opportunity for first-hand discovery. Our destinations continually reach farther into the most remote regions on earth. Our commitment is to offer the finest in attentive service and the most comfortable of accomodation, to share our environmental concerns, and to help travellers grow into lifelong ambassadors to destinations visited.

Management Caraka Travelindo, Sulawesi Indonesia

Address : Jl. Samalona No. 12 Makassar 90174 South Sulawesi - Indonesia
Phone : +62 411 - 3618877
Fax : +62 411 - 3618889
: trvlindo@indosat.net.id
Website : http://www.sulawesi-indonesia.com/