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Bung Hatta Forest Reserve : A Tropical Garden Paradise

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Hotel Inna Muara

The Orient has always held special charms for people al over the world. No different is the fascinating land of Indonesia. One of the most fascinating cities in the country has got to be the beach destination of Padang. Amazing and renowned, there are plenty of Hotels in Padang in Indonesia. Of them, the Inna Muara Hotel in Padang in Indonesia is a great budget place to check into. One of the best Budget Hotels in Padang in Indonesia, the Inna Muara Hotel in Padang is one of the more famous names in this category of hotels. Also, the Inna Muara Hotel of Padang is a place that is ideal both for leisure and business stays.

Address : Jl. Gereja No. 34 Padang 25001, West Sumatra
Phone : +62 (0751) 3560
Fax : +62 (0751) 3116
: marketing.muara@inna.co.id
Website : http://www.inna.co.id