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Bung Hatta Forest Reserve : A Tropical Garden Paradise

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Bougenville Hotel Padang 1 star(s)

Grand Hotel Wahid Salatiga go hand in hand with the development of the era, the hotel business in Indonesia has also advanced rapidly. Networking giant hospitality world many entrust Indonesia as a location for business development mereka.Di all over Indonesia, especially in big cities is no longer difficult to find choice hotels. You live determines which hotel to suit your needs, whether for business travel, corporate interests, family vacation or romantic honeymoon.

Address : Jln. Bagindo Aziz Chan No.2 Padang - West Sumatra
Phone : +62 75132423
Fax : +62 75128687
: bougainville_hotel@yahoo.co.id
Website : http://www.bougenvillehotel.com/