Green Canyon

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Green Canyon, yes, make no mistake it’s not America’s Grand Canyon, but it is Pangandaran’s Green Canyon on the southern coast of West Java.  Originallya called “Cukang Taneuh”- the local Sundanese meaning for Soil Bridge- Green Canyon has a 3 meter wide bridge made up of soil above the twin cliffs on both river banks. This natural wonder is surely a spectacular scene that you will not find anywhere else.

The name Green Canyon is believed to have been dubbed by a French tourist who came to the location in 1993. It is said that the clear green water of the river and the abundant green moss on the cliff had given it its popular name. This little natural wonder is located at the Kertayasa Village, in the Ciamis Regency, West Java  Province, about 31 Km or 45 minutes’ drive from Pangandaran Beach.

As you arrive at the main entrance, which is the parking lot of Green Canyon, you will see a row of wooden boats popularly called “Ketinting” lining up by the river. Those are boats that will take you to Green Canyon and costs IDR75.000 per person. The arrangement for renting the boats is very organized: once you pay the fee you will receive a number. You will then get into your boat once your number is called.

The ketinting will then take you on a ride down the river, splitting the clear green water and creating small wave on both sides. From the boat, you will see green forest trees along the banks, and sometimes snakes or lizards jumping into the river, or come up to surface.

As the boat slows down and makes its last turn, an astonishing view jumps right in front of your eyes. Twin cliffs standing tall on each side of the river, with stalactites and stalagmites overhead , and crystal clear water below. You may think that this may be the Garden of Eden.

Water pours down from each side of the cliffs creating a rumbling sound of waterfalls. At low tide, you can walk under this once great cave and marvel at the sight between the two high cliffs.

Since your clothes will surely be soaking wet by now, you may as well dive into the inviting waters and feel its cooling freshness, although the location is not too far from the sea. To swim against the current, between these giant cliffs and under the canopies will be an experience unlike any other. Most noticeable about Green Canyon is that this place is kept very clean. There are no floating garbage on the river or scattered snacks or cigarette wrapping.

Located not too far from Pangandaran, Green Canyon is a must for those who plan to visit Pangandaran. “A piece of heaven on earth”, as those who have been there describe it. A true Natural Wonder  hiding behind the thick bushes and trees of Pangandaran’s forests. If you think you have never heard about this place, it is only because Green Canyon is the best kept Secret of Pangandaran.


To Eat, To Buy, To Do

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•    Don’t forget to bring change of clothes, because one way or another you will surely get wet
•    Don’t forget to bring a Dry bag to protect your valuables such as cellular phone, cameras, etc.
•    Cameras or Camcorders are definitely a must, because you rarely find spectacles like this.
•    It is best to wear a strong grip, non-slip footwear, since you will be walking on slippery rocks.
•    Don’t forget to bring some food and drinks, because the nearest facilities are at the main entrance.
•    Do not litter, if you want to keep Green Canyon as magical as it is today, don’t spoil it by leaving garbage everywhere.
•    Green canyon Opens everyday at 07.0 am, but on Friday , operations start at about 13.00 roughly after  Friday prayers.

Getting There and Around

Get There

You must first fly or travel by car or train to Bandung. There are direct international flights from Malaysia and Singapore to Bandung.  A number of “City Trans” companies operate comfortable, sometimes luxurious buses between Jakarta and Bandung.

From Bandung, the means to get to Pangandaran is by bus, or rented car. If you use public transportation, from the Pangandaran Terminal you can take a minibus headed to Cijulang Terminal. From the Cijulang terminal, the trip continues on “Ojek” ,  popular bike taxies found almost everywhere in Indonesia.