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The Tranquil and Thrilling Citumang River near Pangandaran

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The Citumang River near Pangandaran with its clear blue water, runs through green thick forests deep in the Cijulang area along the south coast of West Java.  Its banks are decorated with beautiful boulders withbranches of trees and bushes picturesquely bending over the river. As the water flows on, it enters an astonishing cave. Here, tranquility greets visitors warmly. The only sounds heard are the sweet harmonny of nature:  music created by gurgling water and the soft whispers of the wind as it makes its way through the trees, accompanied by the many unique sounds of hidden animals.


This river of tranquility is located at the Bojong Village, in the Ciamis Region, about 15Km west of Pangandaran. The name Citumang is given by the locals who believe that a certain crocodile with a broken leg once lived in this river. The crocodile’s name was “Si Tumang”, while “Ci” means : river.   Hence the name Citumang given to the river.


As you walk among the high cliffs, the rush of the river can already be heard. Passing the cliffs, the stunning beauty of the river is unveiled. Its clear blue water slowly invites you to jump in. When you walk further up stream, you will find a waterfall with a huge tree that has dangling roots like ropes that you can hang on to. This is a perfect place to follow your adrenalin rush: imagine yourself as Tarzan, swinging from its roots to jump down into the river.


Further upstream, you will find a rare natural wonder. The water from the river drops down and disappears into the earth to reappear downstream, just like a natural plumbing system. The place is located at the tip of a cave called Taringgul cave, and the flow of the river down into the earth is called “Sanghyang Tikoro” or translated means “the God of the Throat”.


The river’s characteristic and relatively fast current makes it a perfect place for special activities like body rafting and watertubing. Instead of using inflatable boats or kayak, body rafting literally uses the body (obviously, wearing safety equipment such as helmet and life vest) to navigate through the river.


Equally thrilling, watertubing is a special type of river rafting that uses inflatable donut shaped “tubes” instead of boats or kayaks. Here, ‘rafters’ and ‘tubers’ will get the chance to enjoy the splendor of the Citumang River at its finest, both in its tranquility and equally thrilling side of the river.       


Citumang River is also a perfect place to bring your kids and family. Here, you can teach them the values of nature, the importance of the environment, and a place where to spend quality time, not only with each other, but also with the surroundings. As city activities become more stressing with each passing day, wash your stress away by soaking your weary head in the cool, clear, fresh mountain water. Close your eyes and just let all your burdens flow downstream.  A trip to the Citumang River is the closest you can get to finding an F5 button in your life, so while you’re there, just hit it! Refresh!


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  • Best time to visit the Citumang River is during the dry season between June to September.  During the rainy season, the sky is overcast and the road is a bit slippery.
  • For Photographers, the Citumang River is very recommended for its beautiful natural landscape.  



Getting There and Around

Get There

Citumang is located half way between Pangandaran and Green Canyon. The only public transportation that can take you there is the ojek, a motorbike taxi commonly found in many areas on Java. You can also rent your own bike and follow the road that leads to Citumang.  If you take your own ride, the best way to get down to the Citumang River is from Cibenda, the local Market, through Panyingkiran’s narrow road and green rice fields until you reach the parking lot. From there it’s a 25 minutes’ walk before you get to the river.