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Jakarta Convention Center : Indonesia’s Largest Convention Venue

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Argamas Wisata

Monetary crises and political upheavals that have plagued the Republic of Indonesia, causing the economy in Indonesia continues to deteriorate, particularly the field of tourism services. Many foreign tourists who canceled plans to travel to Indonesia because of the Travel Warning of their country because of political upheavals that occurred in Indonesia so it does not guarantee security. Though this safety factor is important to the foreign tourists who will travel, so that not a few who divert tourist destination to some neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Looking at the above conditions, we are very optimistic that monetary conditions and political turmoil will have no effect by shifting priority to domestic tourists. This is commonly seen from the many requests the issuance of a passport document, ticket booking for domestic and overseas flights, booking hotel rooms for both tourist destination or service, tour packages and so forth.

Although in our country was hit by financial crisis and political turmoil, we are confident to use it as a prospective business opportunities with the above developments. We will continue to strive and work, especially in the field of Business Travel, where this business is a means penhubung between components of tourism such as: Hotel, Restaurant, Transportation, and others. Our hope is to help make Indonesia the world tourism will not be lonely and depressed because of the potential tourist attraction in our country is very rich and diverse.

Address : Jl. Cipinang Cempedak Raya No. Raya No. Cipinang similar to jackfruit. 5 5 Polonia – Jakarta 13340
Phone : (021) 8520048
Fax : (021) 8520050
: info@argamaswisata.com
Website : http://www.argamaswisata.com/