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Bandung’s precious Tropical Art-Deco Heritage

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Raa Cha

Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque, a restaurant with the concept of self service. Starting from the selection of food from the food displays, until the processing of food. Just to illustrate, upon entering the restaurant Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque, you will find displays of food and beverages that can direct you choose as you wish. After going through the payment process, crew Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque will help you to bring food that you have selected to the table that had been prepared.

You will find an unforgettable sensation in processing cuisine to your liking because Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque provides a unique cooking device in every desk. You will cook your own food you will consume. Raa Cha comes from the Thai language which means "king". It is no coincidence in the selection of the name of this restaurant, because it illustrates Raa Cha food of the Kings. Raa Cha put forward a concept restaurant that is a trend in his native country, Thailand, both from product and how its processing. With more than 100 variations of menu items such as Seaweed Roll, Original Squid Ball, Fried Crab Cake, Angel Hair, Panda Fish, Thai Ice Tea & Coffee, etc. and a very affordable price (USD 2727 - USD 5454 to Suki, and USD 13 181 - USD 15,455 for Barbeque), not surprisingly Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque is always filled with customers every day.

Address : CIHAMPELAS WALK Jl. Cihampelas no.160 Bandung.
Phone : (022) 2061 093
Fax : -
: -
Website : http://www.raacha.com/