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Bandung’s precious Tropical Art-Deco Heritage

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Bumi Sawunggaling Hotel 2 star(s)

Bumi Sawunggaling Hotel offers a great place to retreat from the heat of the tropic. The Hotel is known for it's nostalgic atmosphire with in Home style comfort.

We are strategically located just a few hundred meters from ITB campus and also jalan Dago, a major activity spot of Bandung. just 5 minutes by foot to jl.dago, 5 minutes by car to jl.riau/jl.merdeka, 10 minutes by car to pasar baru/railway station, 20 minutes by car to the airport/jl.setiabuhdi ( shopping & culinair area). and very easy to take the cab and Angkot public transportation.

Address : Jl. Sawunggaling No. 13 Bandung 40116
Phone : +62 22 4218254
Fax : +62 22 4218253
: bumisawunggaling@telkom.net
Website : http://www.bumisawunggaling.com/