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Dreamland : Surf’s up at Bali’s New Kuta Beach

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Word of Mouth Cafe/Bar

Our philosophy behind the food is to rock the boat just enough so attention is brought to what is on the plate and the palate. ‘Fresh’ is an important word in our kitchen and so is ‘clean’. Some classics are presented on the menu alongside new combinations of flavors and ingredients that we think work well.

Some of our favorite ingredients that come together are beetroot, feta, jalapeno peppers, zucchini, rosemary, avocado, mango, wasabi, tuna, prosciutto, nutmeg, watercress, ginger, pumpkin, coconut, fennel, parmesan, chocolate, miso, chili, mint, pasta and spinach.

Address : 9 Jl Kunti, Kunti Arcade Shop 10, Seminyak, Bali
Phone : +62 361 847 5797
Fax : +62 361 847 5797
: info@wordofmouthbali.com
Website : http://www.wordofmouthbali.com/cafebar.html