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Sipiso-piso Waterfall

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Pandu Lakeside Hotel Parapat

Pandu Lakeside Hotel is located on the lakeside of Toba Lake. Family-run property, providing a friendly and a personalized services at a moderate price. The hotel is the perfect base to explore and discover the wonder and beauty of the lake. Place of elegance and charm to experience the history and culture of Toba Lake including the mysteries of Northern Sumatra. Ideal for holiday and relaxation. Lake Toba is popular for its scenic locations that will make any stay comfortable and memorable.

Address : Jl. TPR Sinaga No. 12, Parapat 21174 North Sumatera-Indonesia
Phone : +62625 412 90|+62625 423 99
Fax : +62625 423 99
: info@pandu-hotel.com
Website : http://www.pandu-hotel.com/parapat/utama.php