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Baluran National Park : Safari across Java’s own Savannah

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Rosa's Ecolodge

Rosa's Ecolodge the Lodge and the National Park offer unique and fascinating adventures, even for those who are not adventurous.

Besides natural wonders you can also experience Madurese village life.

Added to this, the area is so easy to reach, next to Bali and along the popular route between Yogyakarta and Bali, near many other great natural wonders.

Rosa’s Ecolodge uses a part of its income for community projects.

The intention of these programs is to increase local knowledge of the eco-system and help locals earn an income, directly or indirectly for eco-tourism.

Address : Dusun Sidomulyo Sumberwaru, Banyuputih Situbondo 68734 East Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 338 453005
Fax : +62 338 453191
: bineka@telkom.net
Website : http://www.rosasecolodge.com/