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Traditional Life at Lingga Village

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Kesawan Hotel 2 star(s)

Located at the heart of largest textile and clothing business district in Medan. Kesawan Hotel Medan, a two-star gainer hotel offers you luxurious and affordable rooms suited for you. If you are a budget conscious traveler and you are looking for a good location with lower rate in Medan, Kesawan hotel is the right place with the right value for you!

The Hotel location is amongst the best in medan, jalan kesawan in which is a historical place in medan. It is the only place in medan where you can still see a dutch architeture which makes it special and you will definitely enjoy your time with pleasure.

Address : Jl.A.Yani / Kesawan No.97 / 99 Medan Sumatera Utara Indonesia
Phone : +62 61 451 6382|62 61 453 6655
Fax : -
: hotelkesawan@yahoo.co.id
Website : http://kesawanhotel.com/