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Bandung : Creative Center amidst Lush Green Mountains

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Toko Coklat Bandung

Ever heard DHESTCHZA? Dhestchza Chocolate?

DHESTCHZA [read: des-ca] is a brand of chocolate products and pralin of Bandung, which was pioneered by Adisty Halim. Student at the end was already concerned with this chocolate business since in junior high school in Bandung (now junior) ... At that time Adisty try making chocolate with his own creations ... He added flavor and variety of content into a homemade chocolate ...

Sitting in high school in Bandung (now SMU) Adisty start selling on her friends on Valentine's Day and Christmas events .. and since that's the name DHESTCHZA use ... Name DHESTCHZA becoming known as Adisty Bandung society entrusts this chocolate product in a well-known pastry shop in Bandung ...

Address : Jl. Kebon Bibit Tengah No. 29 Bandung
Phone : 022 - 70122488
Fax : -
: dhestchza@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.dhestchza.com/