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Grajagan Beach : Great Surf and a Picturesque Fishermen's Beach

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Bali Orient Express Tour

Bali Orient-Express is a company which goes to property and tourism sector, the include area is about Bali and Surabaya.Our business priority is about selling / buying / renting the property, especially for villas, hotels, lands. We are also goes to the development and management of villa and hotels, holiday package for booking villa & hotels and also the distributor for hotel and villa daily needs.  We are experience for more than 30 years on tourism and hospitality.Hence, we are develop with good management skills, good networking and good consumer satisfaction. Orient express is one of the market leaders having business focusing in Bali to the international community. The company enjoys a rapid growth and new market expansion due to the strong financial support. Orient express offer fantastic Bali package has been given to the design of packages of the exotic Bali, known to the world as the island of the Gods.

Address : Jl. Dukuh Pakis I/16 Surabaya - Indonesia 60225
Phone : (031) 5616564|(031) 60108103|(031) 70108103
Fax : (031 ) 561 6144
: gondo.hartono@yahoo.com
Website : http://baliorientexpress.com/