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Grajagan Beach : Great Surf and a Picturesque Fishermen's Beach

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PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (KTBR), a fast food business that is now more widely known. With the main product "Kebab", which was delicious and distinctive taste is not a seasonal business as proven by his actions that aaa menusantara even ready to explore Southeast Asia. Under the auspices of the management of PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia, KTBR managed by a young energetic, integrity and relentless innovation, proven to stand up 600 outlets over a period of 7 years development. Degree THE BEST AND THE LOCAL FAST FOOD FRANCHISE Largest was achieved. Of course, successful step was achieved thanks to cooperation with mutual support between the Franchisee Franchisor.

Rows of the awards more proof of professionalism PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia. KTBR very ready menginternasional, now no longer local but international business business.

Address : Ruko Manyar Garden Regency 29-30 Jl. Nginden Semolo 109, Surabaya - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Phone : +6231 599 9975
Fax : +6231 599 2405
: info@babarafi.com
Website : http://www.babarafi.com/