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Grajagan Beach : Great Surf and a Picturesque Fishermen's Beach

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Sativa Sanggraloka Hotel

The Moment you set your at SATIVA SANGGRALOKA Hotel you will experience the ambiance, the realm and the grandeur of ancient Majapahit. The experience you will never get anywhere else.

Based upon a long research over what was The Majapahit Kingdom, the rooms and cottages at Sativa Sanggraloka Hotel - Pacet are built as ancient Majapahit houses, complete with gates, walls, even pillars of the are, combined with modernity and luxury.

Address : Jl. Raya Pacet Km.3 - Pacet 61374 Mojokerto - East Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 321 690227
Fax : +62 321 690229
: info@sativahotels.com
Website : http://www.sativahotels.com/sanggraloka/