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PT. Lumba-Lumba Tour & Travel

Bintan today is known as “The New Bali / Asian’s Waikiki” and Bintan’s development is better planned leisure & vacation traveling services with Bintan tour by educating from other well-known places development. Plan a holiday trip to Bintan tour and feel a leisure vacation. Enjoy a holiday tour arranged by us, a leading and professional travel agent in Bintan.

Bintan is easy to be reached by Ferry from Singapore and Batam with lower prices and more frequent trip services. There are 2 trips direct flight every day from Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang, capital City of Bintan Island by Sriwijaya Air & Riau Airlines. Therefore Bintan become easier to be reached through Batam or Jakarta.

If you plan a weekend getaway from Singapore, Bintan island is the perfect destinations. You are free to have your holiday and leisure vacation with our Bintan Tour Packages traveling services

Travel from Tanah Merah Singapore Ferry terminal (around 5 minute from Changi Airport), every weekdays there are 6 trips one way / return ferry and on weekend there are 9 trips one way / return ferry to Capital City of Riau Islands, Tanjung Pinang start from 07.00 AM Indonesia time until 06.20 PM Singapore time with Penguin Ferry, Indo Falcon and Wave Master with travel distance average of 1 hour 45 minutes along the voyage through a strait with beautiful isle islands around and nice sea. Therefore the vacation and leisure tour itself has already started on the ferry.

Besides that from Tanah Merah there are 10 trips to Bintan Resort start from 09.10 AM Singapore time until 08.15 PM Indonesia time, the journey is about 50 minutes from Bintan Resort to the Capital City of Riau Islands, Tanjung Pinang can be gone through by car approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The Capital City, Tanjung Pinang is an old town and also known as empire-culture of Malay. Formerly centralized at Penyengat Island and used to governed Bintan, Singapore and Johor (Malaysia), so that endowed with fascinating historical heritages, art and cultures for area regional. Come and join Bintan tour packages provided to you especially for who need leisure and vacation traveling along Bintan Island

About 12 km from downtown there is commercial airport in Kijang.

In part of eastern Bintan there is Trikora Beach with the length of approximately 17 km. East coast has shallow sea and many isle islan therefore it acnnot be passed by commercial ship. Thereby sea at East Bintan still has well ecology system; it feels like in heaven for people who like sea activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing and islans touring.

Address : Jl. Kamboja No. 37A Tanjung Pinang - Bintan 29111 Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia
Phone : (+62-771) 314247, 31
Fax : (+62-771) 314248
: lumba2tpi@yahoo.co.id
Website : http://www.bintanbatamtour.com/