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Singosari Temple

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PT. Rafa Annaufal

Page ANNAUFAL Rafa stands in May 2010 significantly in the East Java town of Sidoarjo. With a sincere spirit of this hopefully PT. Rafa ANNAUFAL be living counterparts toward true success is in accordance with the vision to be achieved. Amiiin ...

Regarding the sub-field of Tours & Event Organizer who occupied this company is a creative idea from the Owner with the full support of the pioneers of successful living beings around him, so was born the PT. Rafa Annaufal this from a strong commitment among them.

With PT. Rafa ANNAUFAL this, we hope to provide maximum quality service in the field of Tours & Event Organizer. In addition to providing services to customers, we will continue to move great step forward in pursuit of dreams.

Address : Taman Pinang Indah B 5 - 05 Sidoarjo
Phone : 03172887040
Fax : 0318070455
: share@ptrafa.com
Website : http://www.ptrafa.com/