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Singosari Temple

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Narita Hotel Tulungagung

Narita mean : "NARI" is javanese word for "we humbly offer you", TA is the abbreviation of Tulungagung city and RI is Republic Indonesia. So it mean : we humbly offer you the best service in hospitality from Tulungagung.

Narita™ Group has been serving customers from around the world with the premier quality of hospitality for almost two decades. Growing from humble beginning in south city of East Java (Indonesia), namely Tulungagung, we continually offer guests and customers our most sincere warm hospitality and the unique experience of Indonesian opulent atmosphere and rich ethnic culture.

We are here to provide the best world-class quality and unique hospitality service as well as the finest accommodations, services, amenities, memorable events and best value for both leisure and business.

Passion to Serve® is the driver behind every member of Narita™ Group. Experience us and join us, and you will be surprised. Our guests and customers are treated like family and thus, staying at any of Narita™ Group’s portfolio hospitality outlet is like going back to your own home.


Address : Jln. KH. Agus Salim 87-89 Tulungagung
Phone : (0355) 321 608
Fax : (0355) 322 869
: tulungagung@naritahotel.com
Website : http://naritahotel.com/address.php?kdlk=VExH