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Take It Easy in Malang

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De Daunan Home & Garden

Let’s be honest. If you’re looking for just a common accommodation, you will probably find them at most star hotels around the area. So, what’s so special about de Daunan?

At de Daunan we offer a guest house with the ambiance and natural setting, an environmentally friendly life, and an absence of crowds. In the hill town of Batu, about 20 minutes drive out of Malang (the central East Java city), this is a great sanctuary place to relax among the vines and trees, in the middle of a small plantation.

Our themed guest house aims to put a little back into nature with a combination of beautiful scenery and traditional handicraft activities, ensuring your visit is a special one. So, when you want to relax and unwind, particularly after a busy day, step into de Daunan and enjoy our open air, beautiful scenery and handicrafts. de Daunan should be worth a visit.

Address : Jl. Trunojoyo 2, Junrejo, Batu- Malang. Indonesia
Phone : +62 341 594466
Fax : +62 341 409028
: dededanabby@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.de-daunan.com/