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Ambon : The Original Spice Islands

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Blue Rose Divers

Blue Rose Divers established in Februari 16, 2008 in one location with Santai Beach Resort, handling by professional master divers and supported with International standar diving equipment so your safety and comfortability which diving can be guaranted.

You will brought to a new world that showing new colour life of many kinds organism, and astonishing natural texture.

Free willing, will make you close to mysterious atmosphere and underwater power add you can make interaction with many kinds under water creatures.

Address : Jl. Hati Ari, Santai Beach Latuhalat Ambon Maluku - Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 911 323883
Fax : (+62) 911 323883
: bluerosedivers@yahoo.com
Website : http://bluerosedivers.com/