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Dive The Islands Off Makassar

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Kampung Expeditions

Kampung Expeditions makes independent travel easy. We can help you discover the Indonesia beyond Bali by taking you off the tourist trail and into a world of cultural and natural adventures.

Our tours focus on the islands of Sulawesi, Flores and Komodo, exotic destinations that are summed up by one word – unique. With Kampung Expeditions you can experience amazing wildlife, stunning beaches, fascinating cultures and fantastic food.

Our expert guides lead small groups in sharing intense experiences like:

    * Drifting over rainbow coral in Manado
    * Celebrating ancient rituals in Toraja
    * Meeting komodo dragons in their natural habitat
    * Enjoying dishes unique to the "Gateway to Spice Islands"

The souvenirs you take home from your Kampung Expeditions tour will fill your imagination, your heart and your soul – as well as your hand luggage!

Address : Jl. Palapa VI, No. 129 Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan Indonesia 90240
Phone : +62-411-582639|+62-813-4236-7322
Fax : +62-411-582639
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Website : http://www.kampungx.com/