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Makassar : Historic Port for Spices and Sailing Ships

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Losari Beach Hotel

Losari Beach Hotel is situated over the Makassar coastline, on the beautiful Losari Beach. Located at the central business and entertainment district on the sea side, Losari Beach Hotel offers great service for our guests and features a panoramic view of the beach that is viewable from the guest rooms. Its ideal location affords our customers approximately a five-minute walk from the harbor, a twenty-minute drive from the airport, ten minutes walk from Fort Rotterdam museum, central post office, money changer, souvenir shop and bank.
Samalona Coffee shop and seafood restaurant overlooks the Losari Beach, seats 100 guests, and provides a wide selection of international and local cuisine. There is also live music at Kareba Open-Air Sunset Café, where local seafood delicacies are grilled fresh and served. Complementary WiFi internet connection is available.

Address : Jl. Penghibur No. 10, Makasar 90111, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Phone : +62 411 326062
Fax : +62 411 313978
: sales-mks@losarihotels.co.id
Website : http://www.losarihotels.co.id/lb.html