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LOMBOK, alluring island East of Bali

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Lombok Picnic Tour and Travel

Lombok Picnic Tour and Travel

We offers various travel package to Lombok island, daily half day tours, full day tour, diving package, trekking package to mount Rinjani the second highest volcano in Indonesia, hotels booking, flight ticket reservation, golfing tour package, honeymoon package and tour package to Komodo island.

Lombok Island is one of a small island located in West Nusa Tenggara province with 80 KM from the west to east and 100 km from north to south and very strategic position which from the west there is Bali island with a distance of 65 KM and east of the Komodo Island or the West of Flores Island. The population of Lombok Island is abaout 2.9 million people and about 80% of the population of the island is the Sasak tribe, a tribe that is still close to the tribal peoples of Bali, but most converted to Islam. Rests of the population are Balinese; Javanese, Chinese and Arabic are expected to come in Lombok in 1800.

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