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LOMBOK, alluring island East of Bali

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Amanwana 5 star(s)

Under parasols of tropical canopy, beside a luminous sapphire and turquoise sea, rests Moyo’s peaceful tented haven, Amanwana. Primal desires are fulfilled in comfort, leaving nature’s complexion to frame its privileged setting. Milky, pastel hued dawns give rise to azure, cirrus-streaked skies, dipping into blazonry sunsets towards Crocodile Head, all crowned at night by a brilliantly clear constellation. Home to many wild species, both aquatic and land, ensures that Amanwana is a slice of Indonesian island paradise.

Address : Sumbawa Besar 84301, Indonesia
Phone : +62 371 22233
Fax : +62 371 22288
: amanwana@amanresorts.com
Website : http://www.amanresorts.com/amanwana/accommodation.aspx