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LOMBOK, alluring island East of Bali

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Jeeva Klui Resort

Along an uninterrupted stretch of curving beach, Jeeva Klui, "The Soul of Klui," blends the full spectrum of sea, tropical foliage, and local culture with the natural beauty of Klui Beach. From dramatic sunsets etching the volcanoes of Bali to the stone and thatch beach front suites framed by swaying palms, the natural simplicity of Jeeva Klui's traditional design and Lombok's splendid tropical environment create an ambience of modern luxury and laid back indulgence.
Jeeva Klui’s tropical allure and Lombok design embraces quaint touches of traditional village life. Great care was taken to conceptualize a resort with strong emphasis on providing a relaxing holiday experience, while at the same time being socially and environmentally responsible through sensitive design and green practices. Wood and stone pathways lead through the grounds to the beach, garden and pool suites spread across the two hectare grounds. The resort melds an appreciation of local architecture and tradition with the look and feel of a Robinson Crusoe idyll allowing for an intimate and stylish base from which to explore Lombok’s spectacular natural beauty. Built using sustainable local materials, such as handmade terracotta tiles, bamboo weaves, stone and recycled timber, each suite exudes an air of authentic sophistication.

Address : Jalan Raya Klui Beach No 1. Lombok Indonesia
Phone : +62 370 693 035|+62 821 50000 800
Fax : +62 370 693 036
: reservations@jeevaklui.com
Website : http://jeevaklui.com/