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In The Thick of The Jungle at Tangkahan Village

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Rindu Alam Hotel 2 star(s)

Located in Bukit Lawang Village, which is about 90 kilometers Northwest of Medan, Rindu Alam Hotel is situated on 6 hectares of forest overlooking the winding Bahorok River.

Rindu Alam Hotel offers 40 guest rooms and 4 family suites surrounding by spectacular panorama views of nature and stream of river. Rindu Alam Hotel is the finest hotel in Bukit Lawang. Our warm and friendly staffs are ready to serve you to ensure a relaxing and comfortable stay at Rindu Alam Hotel.

Address : PO BOX 20774, Bukit Lawang, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia
Phone : +6261-8822988
Fax : +6261-8822988
: -
Website : http://rindualamhotel.com/