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Medan : Entry Point to North Sumatra

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Tiara Hotel 4 star(s)

Tiara Hotel Medan is located in down town of jalan Cut Mutiah within Medan city sets in tropical garden with medium rise building. The location of Tiara hotel is only 5 minutes drive from International Polonia airport of Medan or around 3 km in distance. The hotel is one of the most popular hotel among foreign travelers with international well known name. At the beginning of tourism developement in North Sumatra Tiara Hotel is among the pioneer in the accommodation services. One can expect inernational standard service with at least staff can speak English.

Address : Jln. Cut Meutia – Medan 20152
Phone : +62 61 4574000
Fax : +62 61 4510176
: tiara@tiarahotel.com
Website : http://www.tiarahotel.com/