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The Wamena Highlands : The Other Ultimate Trekkers’ Rendezvous

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Grand Irian Tours Adventure Travel

Grand Irian Tours is a local travel agency in Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) and specialize in trekking and adventure tour to the remote part of the island. Other than trekking and adventure tour Grand Irian tours also had experienced in handling tour of war memorial along the North and West coast of western part the island. Handling shore excursion tour for Cruise ship also has been improved our quality as a  trip organizer in Papua particularly.

Grand Irian Tours was founded in 1994 by Mr. Sitepu with a support from his friends who had experienced and was senior tour guides in Papua and want to share their capability together in one  company. Everyone has their own experienced and expertise in showing peoples or any visitor to Papua how exotic the nature and culture of Irian or Papua.

Our Experience and first hand information we know about the land and the people of  Irian – Papua are our guarantee to give the best to any traveler, nature lover ( bird watching, Snorkeling, Diving and mountain climbing ), photographer, War Memorial pilgrimer, or any one who want to come and see Irian – West Papua.

We offer the best selected itinerary for all kind of activities; from a soft and easy trekking level to a medium and hard - difficult trekking – adventure level to those who want to do the more challenging one. We also can customize the itinerary to the suitable and fits condition of traveler desire, just let us know your information and we will be happy to suggest the best for you.

Irian – West Papua offer so many interesting things and varies to be observed and experience; from rare indigenous plants and animals, magnificent beaches and underwater  to the small primitive tribal group inhabited the interior of the island. We have seen our selves all of these amazing things and we would like to show you where the lifetime experience can be a reality in this island of West Papua. Come with us and experience the most exotic nature and culture.

At last, We assume you already know what is Grand Irian Tours and our services above.

Address : Jalan Batu Putih No. 49 Jayapura 99221 – Papua – Indonesia
Phone : +62 0967 536459|+62 0967 535919
Fax : +62 0967 536387
: info@grandiriantours.com
Website : http://www.grandiriantours.com/