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Bukittinggi : The Most Relaxing City in All Sumatra

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Tigo Balai Tours

PT. TIGO BALAI TOURS doing bussiness since 1990, IATA accredited Travel Agent and Tour Operator (Lisence: No. 71/D/2/BPU/III/1993), and a member of ASITA (Association Indonesia Travel Agent)

PT. TIGO BALAI TOURS is staffed with 50 employess; it has seven divisions under its wing, namely:

Administration and Finance division
Air Lines Division (Domestic and International Ticketing)
Academic & Special Interest Tour Division
Domestic Tour Division
Inbound Tour Division
Outbound Tour Division
Incentive & Convention Tour Division
Transport Division
PT. Tigo Balai Tours work hands in hands with you; Welcome your inquiries; Welcome to Indonesia, destination of endless diversity and emerald of the equators.
“ Tigo Balai Tours welcomes your enquires - welcome to Indonesia “

Address : Jalan A. Yani No. 100 Bukittinggi – West Sumatera – Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 0752 319 96 –
Fax : (+62) 0752 218 24
: tour@tigobalaitour.com
Website : http://www.tigobalaitour.com/