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Kaliurang Resort : A Mountain Retreat

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Java-Indah Tours

Yogyakarta is famous as one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia. A great number of officials, including country leaders and tourists have already visited Yogyakarta. Whenever one mentiones Yogyakarta, the idea of various tourist attractions will come to his mind; The Great Sultan Palace, Parangtritis beach, The Borobudur and Prambanan temples, The Merapi volcano as well as the performing arts like The Ramayana Ballet and Shadow Puppet.
The cultural colour of Yogyakarta is still obvious because of the many temples, traditional buildings, various cultural activities and a number of famous artists. This is accentuated by the presence of living tradition and everyday life of the Yogyakarta community which is art loving and hospitable.
Tour to Indonesia is not complete yet before visiting and exploring Yogyakarta.
Trust us to design and arrange your tour needs.

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