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Kaliurang Resort : A Mountain Retreat

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Omah Dhuwur Restoran

The rich culture of Indonesia has made this country more advance in packing many products which exist in this country. Omah Dhuwur Restaurant is located in one of historical buildings in the oldest town in Jogjakarta, Kotagede, in which also becomes the center of Silver Handicraft. The building which has the mix between Dutch and modern Javanese architecture and uses old and ancient furniture, has been standing since 150 years ago.
Omah Dhuwur presents and involves itself in the culture’s richness by packing many kinds of food by using its own particular and peculiar style. By having 100 or more guest capacity for the dinner events or any celebrations, Omah Dhuwur offers satisfaction for the customers for their memorable events, such as birthday party, wedding party, romantic dinner, and family dinner by providing exclusive banquet. The menus of our restaurant are the combination of the traditional recipes with the imported ingredients from other countries and served with the original style of Omah Dhuwur which always has high taste, a different sensation which will never be the same with the other restaurants and also give a great experience to be remembered.

Omah Dhuwur restaurant opens daily at 11.00 am to 11.00 pm. Visit our place and enjoy the different atmospheres, we hope that we can always help you to satisfy your demands in completing the various kinds of culinary.

Address : Jln. Mondorakan 252 Kotagede Yogyakarta
Phone : (0274) 374952
Fax : (0274) 374952
: omah_dhuwur@yahoo.com
Website : http://omahdhuwur.net/