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Kaliurang Resort : A Mountain Retreat

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Villa Hanis Yogyakarta

Villahanis is a concept created by Hani and her Belgian husband Koen as an extension to their Restaurant & Bakery (Hani’s) in Jalan Palagan, North Yogyakarta. The complex is located on a 1,800 square meter plot of land, surrounded by Sawahs (rice fields) and with a view of the Merapi Volcano. Villahanis is an original ‘Limasan’ house from the area of Wonosari, completely made of teak wood.

Even though the house has been adapted to modern standards (insulation, new wooden floor, modern bathroom, etc…, the original structure and wooden wall panels are still intact! This makes a stay in Villahanis into a truly Javanese experience! To assure total privacy, there is only one house on the premises. The house can be rented with or without the extra bedroom. The concept of Villahanis is to offer a really unique stay in Yogyakarta!

The vicinity of Hani’s Restaurant & Bakery with its famous variety of local and international dishes ads a culinary touch to a stay in Villahanis. Villahanis is 15 minutes drive from Yogyakarta’s international airport and a 10 minutes drive from the city center. The surroundings offer possibilities for nice walks along the Sawahs and for real contact with the local people!

Address : Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar Km 7.5 Yogyakarta INDONESIA
Phone : +62 274 867 666
Fax : -
: -
Website : http://www.villahanis.com/