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Kota Gede : Home of The Silversmiths

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Gama Wisata

Gama Wisata was born and raised in the campus, Gama Wisata as one of a growing business units under the holding company of Gama Enterprises Multi Mandiri's Gajah Mada University. Pioneering efforts in the field tour began in 2002. Along with business development and independence, a legal entity in the form of a limited liability company under the name Gama Wisata was established under notary office deed No. 1 date 4 November 2008 by the Notary Office and the Public Land certificate maker in Yogyakarta by Muhammad Agus Hanafi, SH. Establishment of the legal entity is intended to be legal and administrative requirements fulfilled as well as the foundation for the development and dynamics of the company's future.

The development of the company from year to year more better and thanks to the support of loyal customers in large numbers are always increasing in number. It is require us to always do as a professional management, in order to keep the reputation and image of companies that have known better.

Besides the flight tickets, hotel vouchers, rental cars, packages meetings / conferences, and travel packages / regular tours, we also continue to develop additional services with superior values such as the campus tour program, as well as the other tour packages based on education.

We expect our service could be part of your success trips. Entrust the entire need for travel services to us, to guarantee comfort and quality service.

Address : Komplek A11, Bulaksumur Yogyakarta 55281
Phone : +62 274 555 182
Fax : +62 274 555 183
: newgamawisata@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.gamawisata.com