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Yogyakarta : A Modern Blend of the Ancient and the Arts

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Rebecca Tour & Travel

  Yogyakarta was center of Mataram both Hindhu and Islam had been played important role in supporting and encouraging civilization. Yogyakarta is one of old city in Indonesia kept mystery in the past. The word of Yogyakarta derives from the name of the great Javanese kingdom “Ngayogyakarta hadiningrat” that was found in 1756. The “Yogyakarta” or “Yogya” for short is usually pronounced both by Indonesia and foreigner. Jogjakarta called as student city because almost 30% of its inhabitant is student. They are not only native inhabitant but also outsider one. They come from outside of Jogjakarta like : Surabaya, Jakarta, Medan, Makasar, Tokyo , London, New York etc. Yogyakarta has more than 100 higher education institution and Gajahmada university [UGM] is the oldest university in Indonesia was found in 1949.
        Jogjakarta called as culture city, because many cultural activities held in this city like: Art of painting, art of music and art of dance. Jogjakarta called as tourism city, because many tourist attraction can be found here like Temple: Prambanan, Sari, Sambisari, Kalasan, King Boko, Bayunibo, Lumbung, Sewu, Bubrah, Plaosan and Ijo. Beach: Parangtritis, Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Drini. Handycraft: Silver, Batik, Earthenware, Mask, Bamboo, Furniture and Leather. Museum: Sonobudoyo, Affandi, Kakayon and Vredeburg. Highland: Merapi volcano, Kaliurang, resort, and Suroloyo hill. Traditional Ceremony: Sekaten, Grebeg maulud, Labuhan, Saparan, Tumpak wajik. Cultural Performance: Shadow puppet play, Dance, Jatilan, and Ramayana ballet. Come and find uniqueness, friendliness Yogyakarta society.
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