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Solo Surakarta : A City Steeped in History

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Baron Indah Hotel 2 star(s)

The ancient town of Surakarta located on a very strategic spot between Bali-Java-Sumatera. Previously it was an ancient royal kingdom Surakarta Hadiningrat, which was established in 1745.

After the end period of Keraton Kartasura in 1741, Sinuhun Pakoe Boewono II moved to Panaraga.

Pakoe Boewono II commanded Kyai Tumenggung Hanggawangsa, Patih Adipati Pringgalaya, Pangeran Wijil, Kyai Kalipah Buyut, Penggulu Pekik Ibrahim, Kyai Yasadipuro, and Mr. Mayor Baron Van Hohendorff to find an appropriate location for the new Palace.

Meantime ago that great house was dedicated to Gedung Pertani. Now, the owner of this historical house is Mr. Lukminto, a local famous businessman. Till this time, the house and the surrounding is called ”BARON”, the name of the first owner, Mr. Baron.

For that reason, name of ”Hotel Baron Indah” is taken from the area in which this hotel is located. Besides that, ”BARON” is an European title for royal families. With this name, we hope that Hotel Baron Indah become one of the greatest and most luxurious hotel in Baron and Surakarta.

Address : Jl. Dr. Radjiman No. 392 Laweyan - Solo - Jawa Tengah
Phone : 0271 - 729 071
Fax : 0271 - 732 090
: info@baronindahhotel.com
Website : http://www.baronindahhotel.com