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The Island of Flores

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Newa Sumba Resort

Newa Sumba Resort, strategically located on the north coast of Sumba Island, the resort is within minutes drive from Tambolaka airport and the seaport of Waikelo, making it easily accessible to and from other tourist destinations in neighboring Bali, Komodo, Flores and beyond. Sumba can be reached in just one hour flying from Bali. And if you are coming from Waingapu East Sumba, it will take you around 4 to 5 hours drive to reach the resort. Likewise, the traditional villages and cultural centers that are found in many places in Sumba are all within easy reach from the resort.

Address : Newa Sumba Resort Weetabula 87255, Sumba Barat, Nusa Tenggara timur, Indonesia
Phone : (62-21) 5229117 to 1
Fax : (62-21) 5229109
: info@newasumbaresort.com
Website : http://www.newasumbaresort.com/