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Pura Besakih : the revered Mother Temple of Bali

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Kelapa Retreat Bali 5 star(s)

A place where you can trully recharge and admire the stunning scenery is a truly peaceful hideaway surrounded by a beautifully landscaped coconut garden with private beach.

Kelapa Retreat Bali is the luxury beach front boutique villa at west bali. Discover the wonderful boutique villa in isolated area that surrounded by beautiful coconut landscape. Located at remote area of Pekutatan - Bali, couples on a honeymoon can easily rent a Bali honeymoon villa at Kelapa Retreat Bali and enjoy the sun, sea, and glorious beaches of Bali. These Bali honeymoon villas are guaranteed to have you writing home about your perfect vacation, wedding, and honeymoon in Bali.

Bali is famous not only for its beauty, beaches, ancient culture, and tourist attractions, but also for luxurious Bali island villas. Kelapa Retreat Bali - offers Bali Hotel Villas and offers guests a breathtaking amount of space both inside the individual villas as well as the property on which they are located. Specializing in one-bedroom retreats for honeymooners and couples, Kelapa Retreat Bali is only a hotel by name, as the vacation villas themselves are as spacious with private beach.

Address : Ngurah Rai Road, Pekutatan, Bali - Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 784 2229
Fax : +62 365 470 2229
: info@kelaparetreat.com
Website : http://www.kelaparetreat.com/