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The Grand Mosque of Baiturrahman : Architectural Phenomenon

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Discover Aceh Divers Club

Discover Aceh Divers Club provides many activities, such as :

  1. Diving Training, conduct training dives for beginners to become a diver who is responsible for environmental sustainability under water.
  2. Diving Service, providing diving services on demand partner.
  3. Diving equipment rental, rent SCUBA diving equipment
  4. Diving excursion, organized excursions like diving Scuba Diving and Snorkeling trips to nearby islands around Banda Aceh and diving expeditions around the outside of Aceh and Aceh Province
  5. Coral Reef Survey, conducted a survey of coral reefs as a social responsibility on both the preservation of coral reefs and the method of Reef Check Reef Base. The method is a method of coral reef research easiest done by anyone.
  6. Underwater Clean Up, litter cleanup activities that are on the coral reef dive sites.
  7. Underwater Survey, surveys such as the documentation of employment under water.
  8. Reef Restoration, restoration activities better with a transplant or an artificial reef that will become the home-made fish.
  9. Health and Safety Training for Fishermen Scuba Divers collectors marine products.
  10. Preparation and Placement Fish Station
  11. Guidance for the Importance of Maintaining Balance fishermen Sea


Address : Jalan Utama no. 1, Lamjamee, Banda Aceh, ACEH
Phone : +62 651 7420300
Fax : -
: discoveracehdc@gmail.com
Website : http://www.discoveracehdivers.com/