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Sangiran : Home of The Java Man

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Sahid Kusuma Solo Hotel 5 star(s)

Once a royal residence, the Sahid Kusuma Hotel shines with traditional Javanese charm in a peaceful location outside the city center. Fifteen minutes from the airport, this property conjures images of grand palace parties with exotic princesses and traditional Gamelan music. While the royals have gone, the regal ambience and the Gamelan orchestra remain, with live music playing every night in the ninteenth century Grand Hall. Comprising the original ‘pendopo’ pavilion and some modern wings, the entire grounds of this resort convey a feeling of majesty and tranquility – rooms are elegant, the pool is extra large and the seafood dinners fit for royalty. While the Sahid Kusuma is a little out of town, the transfer to the airport is complimentary and cabs are readily available outside to take guests to the batik markets or one of Solo’s malls.

Address : Jl. Sugiyopranoto 20, Solo (Surakarta), Indonesia
Phone : (62) 0271-64635
Fax : (62) 0271-64478
: hskusuma@indo.net.id
Website : http://www.hotelsahidjaya.com/