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The National Museum

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Jalan Tour

P.T. Travel Taurina Jaya or better known as the Road Tour is a travel agency company founded in 1972. On his way PT.Taurina Travel Jaya developed after obtaining financing from JALPAK Co. Ltd., the Japanese company 'based in Tokyo. Since then the status of ownership of local companies turned into joint company between Japan and Indonesia. As one of the companies belonging to the Japan Airlines group, Road Tour focusing on products, especially overseas tour to Japan and still provide a choice of tours to America, Europe, and Asia. To legitimize the status of the company and expanding market share, management Taurina decided to register as an agent of IATA (International Air Transportation Association) in 1994.

Address : Kyoei Prince Bldg. Ground floor Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 3-4 Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Phone : (021) 251 0550
Fax : (021) 251 0557
: tours@jalan-tour.com
Website : http://www.jalan-tour.com/ver03/ina/