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The National Museum

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Kopitiam Oey

Kopitiam Oey founded by Bondan Winarno, hosts the program "Culinary Tourism" in one of the private TV.
Kopitiam is derived from the cafe tien in Hokkien dialect which means "coffee shop".
Kopitiam Oey-on voor de Oorlog era Koffiehuis Oey-called first opened on the road Haji Agus Salim 19 (d / h Laan Holle 18), Central Jakarta.

Address : Kopitiam Oey Jl H Agus Salim 18 Jakarta Pusat – 10340
Phone : +6221 3924475
Fax : -
: info@kopitiamoey.com
Website : http://www.kopitiamoey.com/