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Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club

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Adventure Sumbawa

Although traveling through these Islands requires a spirit of Adventure and a willingness

to endure minor discomfort, it's worth it. Get away from the Material world, open your eyes!

Moyo Island (once visited by HRH Princess Diane), the unique Satonda Island, Mt. Tambora (site of the mother of all volcanic eruptions) and Huu (one of the top 10 surfing venues) are all found on Sumbawa Island. Tours, to see the famous Komodo Dragons, can also be organized!

Address : Kencana Beach Cottages, Jl. Raya Tano km.11, Badas, Sumbawa, N.T.B, Indonesia
Phone : +62 (371) 27088
Fax : +62 (371) 27088
: info@adventure-sumbawa.com
Website : http://www.adventure-sumbawa.com