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Waterbom Jakarta

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Saung Cianjur Restaurant & Lunchbox

Saung Cianjur was founded in February 2001 ago, starting from the number of stock of rice paddy fields generated by us in Cianjur, so bring the idea to create a small Restaurant in Jakarta who can use it once this delicious rice market following types of other Sundanese cuisine.

Sundanese community, Saung is the loom, which is a small building made of bamboo, located in the middle field, and is used by farmers to rest while enjoying santapannya, no dining more comfortable than this, while famous for its rice Cianjur who have a special taste that no second to none and we still keep the user up to now, both as a Conductor fluffier rice dishes as well as Rice Lead (hot rice rolled didaun banana); Believe it or not, Rice Lead stale it can be retained for no more than 24 hours.

Address : Jl. Sunter II Sindang Terusan no. 29 – Tg. Priok – Jakarta 14230
Phone : 4393 5538 - 9827 3
Fax : 4393 5538 - 9827 3
: bestfood@saungcianjur.com
Website : http://www.saungcianjur.com/